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Have you ever said “I’ll send the file (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) to you when I get back to my desk?” Typically this happens when the file is:

  •  On a local or network drive.
  • Stored in an old e-mail account.
  • Saved in one of numerous website repositories like Zoho, Microsoft Office Live, Googledocs, maybe your blog draft folder—and you don’t remember the password now.
  • In a known location, but you also know it’s going to take some time to find it.

Have you ever heard, “I sent you this and that, did you get it?” And, replied, “When and where did you send it?”

Have you ever skimmed through your group lists or junk mail folders but overlooked a wayward “not junk mail” message from your manager, investor or even worse—your spouse?

BeeDesk likes to make these problems go away.